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The Greenhouse Program for Individuals

Experience the "deeper me" in your work and life.


What is the Greenhouse Program?

The Greenhouse Program is designed to bring clarity to the things that matter most to you so you can show up each day feeling alive, engaged, and grounded to handle whatever the day brings. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization inspired by 20+ years of research to unlock your best path forward.

The live Cohort program consists of four 90-minute online sessions where you will experience:

  • The Deeper Me: Gain clarity on how to realize your best life and work.
  • An Actionable Plan: Overcome your inner resistance.
  • Authentic Community: Support from individuals on a similar journey.

The Greenhouse Program is an engaging expedition to bring joy and transform your life. 


Meet Your Facilitator

Javier Muñoz will facilitate this edition of the program. 

Javier has led culture and well-being transformation programs that have impacted thousands of people in 20+ countries. He has guided participants on transformative journeys of discovery and realization.

Javi (circle)


First, Experience it.

Session 1: Aspiration

During this session, we will start the journey to uncovering your deepest story.

Here's how to join our next LIVE COHORT:

  • Date/Time: TBD
  • Where: Zoom (You've never been on a Zoom like this!)
  • Cost: $50

Then, nurture it.

Sessions 2-4

Each live session will occur over Zoom with a community of similar individuals on a journey to living their deepest, authentic selves.

  • Session 2: Thoughts
  • Session 3: Actions
  • Session 4: Mastery

If you found Session 1 valuable, continue the journey. The cost to attend all remaining three sessions is $445.

You've likely never experienced a program like this.

The Greenhouse Program Experience Here's what they said:

If you're a high achiever but are trying to unlock the next level, I highly recommend The  Greenhouse Method. It is a great mix of motivation, inspiration, and accountability. It helped me whittle away and focus on the main things I need to reach my next goals.   

Paul Osincup
Paul Osincup, Corporate Trainer & Keynote Speaker

I've been through these types of programs many times, but this was different because it brought me to a place of authenticity. The blocks and walls that I didn't even know were there fell down and I entered into a larger field of possibility with clarity, insight, and vision. It's really put me on a new path. 

Sunny Grosso
Sunny Grosso, Executive Coach & Speaker

The program didn't change me, but it brought the best out of me. It helped me realign my values, purpose, and what makes me happy. It provides accountability and structure to guide you through this journey. 

Carlos Piera
Carlos Piera, People Strategist

This program allowed me to transform from an already successful expert into the next best version of myself. It gave me permission to become more than I ever thought possible. If you're looking for a program that will help you find and unleash your truest self look no further. 

Shereen Eltobgy
Shereen Eltobgy, Master Flow Coach

It's such a good balance between ambiguous elements, various teachings, going deep within your own dreams, visions, and how you want to see yourself. The program will leave you with a good action plan and a clear vision of your future self and the steps to get there.

Veronica Fernández Mesias
Veronica Fernández Mesias, Global Organizational Development & Change Consultant