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Jenn IS...

...the bestselling author of Beyond Happiness, and the CEO and Cofounder of Delivering Happiness [DH]. activator of people to align think/say/do for happiness and humanity. archeologist and architect of how people, strategy, and culture/brand are symbiotic and strengthen each other

...a believer that collective purpose and values are what unite us, at a time it’s too easy to talk about what divides us.

…healthily obsessed with growing people’s best, authentic selves at every level of the organization while generating a Double ROI — return on investment and ripple of impact.

Building a culture of authentic empowerment is the pathway to getting beyond happiness.

We predominately worked with Jenn, and her willingness to make things uncomfortable is not typical for consultants. Consultants usually look not to get fired and, at best, to get a change order, an extended project. I think Jenn is looking to provoke, but there is a level of challenge inside of it that most other consultants would shy away from. Instead, she helped to say remember, this is what you value. This is what's important to you. And, so it's not been about building something new and taking credit for it. It's been about reminding us that this is when we are at our best.

Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks, Former VP Culture at Starbucks
Current Co-founder of Triangle Brands

With TOMS doubling in size within a year, we were trying to manage what it takes to grow culture between the “original” team and the “new” team. After Blake and the team met with Jenn we were inspired to focus on culture. As a result we’ve launched our own core values and we’re now all moving in the same direction!

Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson , Chief People Officer

Jenn Lim genuinely cares about helping individuals and entire organizations be happier, more profitable, and more impactful. You couldn't ask for a better mentor on your journey to bringing your authentic self to work while coelevating your teams to think bigger and beyond. 

Keith Ferrazzi
Keith Ferrazzi, Founder & CEO
Ferrazzi Greenlight

Executive Coaching + Strategic Advising JENN WILL INSPIRE AND HELP YOU ACTIVATE:

Experience Double ROI She helps leaders define their people strategies and measure its impact with the Double ROI (Return on Investment and Ripple of Impact).
Gain a Tactical HOW She helps clients understand the tactical “how” of otherwise theoretical or philosophical concepts, with frameworks and real results based on science and adaptability.
Codify the Company DNA She helps articulate and codify the DNA of a company so it can scale and grow who they are, why they exist, how they work and its unique value in impacting people’s lives.
Grow the Company Ecosystem She helps leaders and companies ground themselves so they can consciously grow with every stakeholder in its ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, society and the planet).

A few of Jenn's clients

Executive Coaching
+ Strategic Advising


Executive coaching and strategic advising are partnerships between peers that will learn and grow. Jenn acts as a guide and catalyst, using her expertise and decades of experience to help you assess and change desired behaviors and habits so your intentions are actualized. It is like having Jenn as an extension of your organization to help you plan, measure and take action to create your best and most adaptable workplace yet!  

Jenn provides executive coaching and strategic advising using proven frameworks, personalized to your unique needs so you can scale and sustain for the long term. She works alongside you throughout the journey to understand your unique organizational frustrations and turn your pain points into growth opportunities.


Everything feels like a high priority and the world’s rate of change/complexity is outpacing what you or your teams can handle on your own.

You believe in prioritizing people, collaboration and bringing the best out of everyone but aren’t sure how to operationalize it.

You believe people are assets (not liabilities) and want to see the positive outcomes when you invest in them (because they’ll invest in you and the business). 


Empathy with objectivity.

Attentive listening without judgment. 

Honest “real talk” with respect. 

Genuine care for your well-being and your people.

Tangible growth — within you and the organization.


100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies, were surveyed showing that a company’s investment in Executive Coaching realized an average ROI of almost six times the cost of the coaching.