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Speaking & Events

Jenn speaks at events around the globe (and in Zoomland). If you’re looking for your next keynote address, executive coach or corporate speaker, Jenn can speak to the following topics or she can work with you for something more tailored to your event: 

  • We grow by answering two questions: what’s in it for ME and what’s in it for ALL?
  • How to bring humanity into the conference room, boardroom, and workplace
  • Where we go from here for growth, adaptability, and impact
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Now available on-demand Beyond Happypalooza

REGISTRATION TO JOIN US LIVE IS NOW CLOSED...BUT... can still gain access to the on-demand content (plus, a few extended sessions). 

This means you'll still hear from some of the world's top thought leaders (such as Adam Grant, Peter Diamandis, and more) chat about what it means to move Beyond Happiness and what that looks like for each individual, team, organization, and community.

Upcoming Events

ConsilioWorld 2022


DH CEO & Co-founder Jenn Lim is invited to deliver the keynote speech at the ConsilioWorld 2022 Event. Jenn will be discussing how to create a happy and thriving work environment using practical tools, exercises, and best practices.



DH CEO & Co-founder Jenn Lim is invited to deliver the keynote speech to Pepsico. Jenn will be discussing how to be a constructive disruptor in the industry. 

2022 CEO Forum & Reps Meeting

In Person

Delivering Happiness Is a 2022 Learning Partner with Alliance for Innovation and Transformation. 
Afit will be joined by DH Cofounder & CEO Jenn Lim, best-selling author of Beyond Happiness, and Culture Chief Sunny Grosso for the 2022 CEO Forum & Reps Meeting. 

articles + publications RECENTLY FEATURED

I really enjoyed the LIVE - Jenn you were wonderful, thank you again! I think it really helped to shift the perception of what "happiness" actually means and why organisations need to really look at how to fill the wheel of wholeness for their people. As I said to you in the pre-session I cannot wait to read your new book.

Really looking forward to continuing and deepening our partnership.

Abby Guthkelch
Abby Guthkelch, Head of Global Executive Solutions
Workplace from Facebook

We chose Jenn and DH in the end because there's a system and a systematic approach to it. The idea of understanding progress on a quantitative level, and I think that DH approaches something that is very traditionally motivational and really turns it into a scalable systematized way to think about, so it's not this abstract thing anymore.

Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks, VP of Culture

I just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday and providing us with such a powerful talk about Delivering Happiness in life and the workplace. You shared your personal journey and experiences which were very powerful. You left the audience with a much better understanding of the correlation between our personal happiness and personal values and the culture, values and performance of our businesses.

Judy L. Rossom, CPA
Judy L. Rossom, CPA, EVP and CFO
Alliance Foods, Inc.

Amazing session. Thank you Jenn for being so authentic and real and sharing your true story- it brought me to tears your authenticity. Agree with Carolyn- very reflective .

Pooja Lee
Pooja Lee, Supply Commercialization Project Manager